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Elite Auto Care in Goshen, IN, offers premium products and skilled detailers to keep your car in pristine condition. Ceramic coating, paint protection film, window tinting, motorcycle and toy maintenance, undercoating and rust prevention, recreational vehicle, auto detailing, and dry ice cleaning are available at Elite Auto Care. Schedule an appointment with us by calling +1 574-830-5828!

Elite Auto Care in Goshen, IN, offers ceramic coating, paint protection film, window tinting, motorcycle and toy coatings, undercoating and rust prevention, auto detailing, and dry ice cleaning.

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Come to Elite Auto Care in Goshen, Indiana, for the finest detailing services in town, whether you want to improve the inside or preserve the outside of your vehicle. Elite Auto Care in Goshen, Indiana, guarantees our customers have a positive experience and get what they anticipate.

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Elite Auto Care in Goshen, IN, has a expert team on hand to make your vehicle better then pristine condition. We only use the best products for enhancing your car. At Elite Auto Care in Goshen, IN, we provide car owners with multiple services that protect their vehicles from the outside to the inside! Schedule your time today!


Elite Auto Care in Goshen, IN, is the top shop in town! We provide the best services for protecting your vehicle! Bring your car to Elite Auto Care today!

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If you want to maintain your vehicle, call Elite Auto Care in Goshen, IN, via +1 574-830-5828 to opt for the great service for your car!

Elite Auto Care in Goshen, IN

Goshen is a town in Elkhart County, Indiana, and the county seat. It is situated in northern Indiana, close to the Michigan border, in the Michiana area. Elkhart County 4-H Fair is one of the biggest county fairs in the United States. Goshen Community Schools covers the Elkhart Township area of the city. This system has seven elementary schools, the Goshen Intermediate School, the Goshen Junior High School, and the Goshen High School.

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Ceramic Coating Services in Goshen, IN

Ceramic coating provides hydrophobic features that repel water that may stick to the car's paint. Furthermore, ceramic coating adds a high gloss finish, making your car shine on the road.

Paint Protection Film in Goshen, IN

Paint protection film is a superior coating that protects the upholstery from fading due to harmful UV rays. Self-healing properties of paint protection film prevent destruction through a scratch-resistant urethane film.

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Window Tinting in Goshen, IN

Window tinting in Goshen, Indiana, is an ideal solution for minimizing glare on hot days. Window tinting protects you from harmful UV rays and keeps the inside cool on hot days.

Motorcycle & Toys Goshen, IN

Motorcycle & Toy services at Elite Auto Care in Goshen, IN, provides the detailing process from pre-rinse, wheels and tires cleaned, bug & tar removal, hand wash, spray wax to leather seat cleaned & condition.

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Undercoating & Rust Prevention Goshen, IN

Rubberized car undercoating provides sound insulation and protection against dust, moisture, dings, and dents. The undercoating will ensure the body, frame, suspension surfaces, the metal brake lines, fuel lines, and electrical conduits.

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Marine Coating Goshen, IN

Marine Ceramic Protection provides surfaces with water-repellent characteristics that prevent spotting and make it simple to remove dirt and debris. Due to its hydrophobic qualities, it is simple to clean without using abrasive chemicals and detergents.

Elite Cutom Truck Detailing & Ceramic Coating Photo

Recreational Vehicle Goshen, IN

Recreational vehicles consists of many rubbers, necessitating particular cleaning agents and procedures to prevent drying and cracking. Elite Auto Care has the necessary tools and training to clean and detail your RV properly.

Elite Classic Car Interior Detailing

Automotive Detailing Goshen, IN

Automotive Detailing services at Elite Auto Care in Goshen, IN, are ideal for those who are always on the go. Your automobile will be brand new after a single wash, vacuum, shine, and wipe-down!

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Dry Ice Cleaning Goshen, IN

Dry ice cleaning reduces the price and dangers of chemical cleaning and the need for expensive environmental cleanup. The dry ice pellets sublimate (evaporate) upon contact, leaving just the cleared debris to be cleaned up.

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Paint Correction & Enhancement Goshen, IN

Paint correction removes a microscopic layer of clear coat from the surface, eliminating minor scratches and swirl marks. Paint correction at Elite Auto Care in Goshen, Indiana, not only restores your vehicle's paint to like-new condition but may also make it appear even better than when it was brand-new.


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