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Our professional grade, rubberized undercoating will give your undercarriage a tough, corrosion free shield that will protect your vehicle’s underside surfaces and suspension components from harsh road contaminants and deicers. 

The rubberized coating minimizes rock dings and helps insulate the underside of your vehicle from weather and sounds. The flat black surface provides an attractive appearance for all surfaces and suspension components it is applied to.  

Armor For Your Undercarriage!

Rubberized Undercoating

Rubberized vehicle undercoating offers sound insulation as well as protection from dust, moisture, dings and dents. Not only will the undercoating protect body, frame and suspension surfaces, it will protect metal brake lines, fuel lines and electrical conduits.  

In addition to your undercarriage, rubberized undercoating can also be used on wheel wells and quarter panels. The coating dries to a rubbery finish that prevents further rust, damage, or moisture seeps. The coating can be painted over and can be easily removed with an undercoating removal spray.

Overall, rubberized undercoating is the best way to protect your vehicle’s undercarriage, as it provides the simplest and best protective measures against contaminants and moisture that causes rust.

Undercoating Your Vehicle

The best time to apply undercoating to your vehicle is when it is new, or fairly new, so it takes the least amount of prep work to prepare the surfaces.

If your underside has surface rust, we must insure loose rust is removed from the surfaces for best adhesion.

If you have any rust build-up, we may need to grind, scrape and use a rotary steel brush to remove it. This is where expertise comes into play to avoid damaging any undercarriage brake lines, fuel lines, electrical conduits and wires.

We will then thoroughly wash the underside and use a degreaser to finally prepare the surface for the undercoating.

See For Yourself

Some of the images below shows suspension and undercarriage surfaces before and after rubberized undercoating is applied. Other images show the appearance of various suspension and undercarriage components with rubberized undercoating applied.

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