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Where can you locate a reputable detailing company in town for auto maintenance? Elite Auto Care in Mishawaka, Indiana, is your ideal location. To preserve your vehicle in excellent condition, Elite Auto Care in Mishawaka, Indiana, offers ceramic coating, paint protection film, window tinting, motorbike and toy, undercoating and rust prevention, recreational vehicle, auto detailing, and dry ice cleaning! Schedule an appointment with us via (574) 830-5828! Elite Auto Care is ready to improve your automobile!

Elite Auto Care in Mishawaka, IN, offers ceramic coating, paint protection film, window tinting, motorcycle and toy coatings, undercoating and rust prevention, auto detailing, and dry ice cleaning.

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Elite Auto Care in Mishawaka, Indiana, increases the value of your automobile. We provide our customers with top-quality detailing services. We place a premium on high quality and fantastic customer service while providing the greatest vehicle maintenance available.

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Elite Auto Care in Mishawaka, Indiana, is devoted to upgrading your automobile. We only use superior products and cutting-edge methods to maintain the value of your vehicle! Bring your car to Elite Auto Care in Mishawaka, Indiana, and our expert detailers will restore its beauty! Call us at +1 574-830-5828 to make an appointment immediately.


Elite Auto Care in Mishawaka, IN, is one of the town's top notch car detailing businesses! We have a professional team to assist with all your questions that car owners may have!

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Elite Auto Care in Mishawaka, Indiana, is ideal for enhancing the look of your automobile. Call +1 574-830-5828 to arrange an appointment with Elite Auto Care.

Elite Auto Care in Mishawaka, IN

Mishawaka is the main city of South Bend–Mishawaka, IN-MI Metropolitan Statistical Area in the U.S. state of Indiana. The Mishawaka line of the Interurban Trolley stops at Martin's Supermarket, connecting travelers to the cities of Elkhart and Osceola. The nearest Amtrak station and commercial airport are both in the western region of South Bend.

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Ceramic Coating in Mishawaka, IN

Ceramic coating at Elite Auto Care in Mishawaka, IN, is a superb place to preserve your vehicle's exterior. Ceramic coatings prolong the lifetime of paintwork and maintain the outside of your car perfectly!

Paint Protection Film (PPF) in Mishawaka, IN

Paint protection film is effective for preserving your vehicle's exterior appearance. It will maintain the car's paint from the damaging effects of severe weather conditions and prevent deterioration.

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Window Tinting in Mishawaka, IN

Window tinting prevents the fading and discoloration of leather and vinyl caused by direct sunlight. It prevents interiors from cracking and warping, keeping your automobile appearing younger for a more extended period.

Motorcycle & Toy Care in Mishawaka , IN

Elite Auto Care in Mishawaka, Indiana, enjoys detailing all vehicle including motorbikes. We are professionals in preparing and applying protective coatings to preserve the showroom luster of motorcycle surfaces and all other toys you may have.

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Undercoating & Rust Prevention in Mishawaka, IN

Rubberized undercoating is the best quality approach to preserve the underside of your vehicle, as it offers the easiest and most effective protection against rust-causing impurities and moisture.

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Marine Detailing in Mishawaka, IN

Marine coating gives your boat's finish a high shine while bringing out its full brilliance and sheen. The hydrophobic qualities of the material ensure that it may be cleaned without using abrasive chemicals and detergents.

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Recreational Vehicle in Mishawaka, IN

Do you want to make your RV clean and shiny? Bring your RV to Elite Auto Care in Mishawaka, IN, to detail your RV today! Book an appointment with Elite Auto Care now!

Elite Classic Car Interior Detailing

Automotive Detailing in Mishawaka, IN

Automotive detailing provides a deep clean from the exterior to the interior. It protects the upholstery from fading and cracking. Furthermore, it also restores your car to top notch condition.

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Dry Ice Cleaning in Mishawaka, IN

Dry ice cleaning is an effective process of cleaning the vehicle with dry ice. Dry ice blasting reduces the dangers of chemical cleaning and the need for expensive environmental cleanup.

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Paint Correction & Enhancement in Mishawaka, IN

Paint correction removes a microscopic layer of clear coat from the surface, eliminating minor scratches and swirl marks. Paint correction restores your vehicle's paint to like-new condition.