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It’s time to elevate the quality of your automobile! Elite Auto Care is the best option in Granger, Indiana! We provide ceramic coating, paint protection film, window tinting, automotive detailing, motorcycle and toy, recreational vehicle, dry ice cleaning, paint correction and enhancement, marine coating, undercoating & rust prevention to keep your vehicle in the best condition possible! Call us at +1 574-830-5828 to make a reservation!

Elite Auto Care in Granger, IN, offers ceramic coating, paint protection film, window tinting, motorcycle and toy coatings, undercoating & rust prevention, auto detailing, and dry ice cleaning.

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Automobile maintenance is a crucial aspect that automobile owners must treat carefully. Elite Auto Care Granger, IN, offers several detailing services to maintain your automobile in perfect condition! Schedule a consultation with us now!

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Elite Auto Care in Granger, IN, aspires to be a wonderful partner in improving the look and maintaining the resale value of your vehicle. Put your confidence in Elite Auto Care Granger, IN, and you will not be disappointed!


Elite Auto Care Granger, Indiana, offers cutting-edge products and a staff of skilled, expert detailers! Bring your vehicle to Elite Auto Care Granger, IN, to get it restored!

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If you have any questions about car services, please contact Elite Auto Care in Granger, IN! Or you can call us at +1 574-830-5828 for a free consultation!

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Elite Auto Care in Granger, IN

Granger is a place in Clay and Harris townships, St. Joseph County, Indiana. Granger is in the metropolitan area. Granger has several schools, including public and private institutions, as well as a public library.

Elite Motorcycle Detailing

Ceramic coating in Granger, IN

Ceramic coating protects your vehicle's paint from typical deterioration. The ceramic coating will ensure its longevity for years, whether the outside is exposed to bird droppings, tree sap, or anything else.

auto detailing in grangegr

Paint Protection Film (PPF) in Granger, IN

Paint protection film protects the car's paint from deterioration. Furthermore, paint protection film provides self healing properties that can heal minor scratches that appear on the paintwork.

Elite Box Trailer Detailing & Ceramic Coating Photo

Window Tinting Services in Granger, IN

Window tinting at Elite Auto Care in Granger, Indiana, window films significantly limit heat flow into the vehicle's interior, producing a more comfortable and cool ride.

auto detailing in grangegr

Motorcycle & Toy in Granger, IN

Elite Auto Care in Granger, Indiana, adores detailing motorcycles. We are experts in preparing and applying protective coatings to motorbike and other toys you may have to keep their like new shine.

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Undercoating & Rust Prevention Granger, IN

Rubberized car undercoating provides sound insulation and protection against dust, moisture, dings, and dents.

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Marine Coating in Granger, IN

Marine Ceramic Protection offers optimum UV radiation protection for paint, gel coat, and stainless steel to prevent the deterioration and discoloration caused by aging and fading colors.

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Recreational Vehicle in Granger, IN

Bring your RV to Elite Auto Care in Granger, IN, to get it detailed! We provide a comprehensive detailing service! Reserve an appointment with Elite Auto Care now!

Elite Classic Car Interior Detailing

Automotive Detailing in Granger, IN

Detailing a vehicle involves a thorough cleaning of the exterior and inside. It protects upholstery from fading and cracking. In addition, it adds a high gloss finish by removing dust and grime from the car's paint.

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Elite Auto Care Dry Ice Cleaning Granger, IN

Dry ice cleaning is the process of cleaning vehicles using dry ice. Dry ice blasting decreases the cost, hazard, and expense of chemical cleaning and the requirement for costly environmental cleanup.

Elite Truck Detailing

Paint Correction & Enhancement in Granger, IN

Are the marks on your car significant? Paint Correction is the optimal remedy for this problem. At Elite Auto Care, paint correction is used to repair and eliminate imperfections on the paint surface of a car while preserving the paint's integrity.