Elite Auto Care has had its fair share of experience with Motorcycles. From basic washings to complete ceramic coatings, we are your one stop shop!

As with automobiles and trucks, we offer the same detailing service for your Motorcycle.

You would think that detaling a motorcycle is not that big of a job, compared to an automobile, but there is more to it than meets the eye. This is where we come in. We love motorcycles and love to detail them. We are experts at prepping and applying protective coatings to motorcycle finishes to preserve their showroom shine.

Do you have scratches or swirls in your paint? Our paint correction services will make your finishes look new again! A full paint correction also primes your finish for our professional ceramic coating that will make your motorcycle easier to clean and protect the finish for many years.

Motorcycle Packages

Level 1 Detail Package

Pre Rinse, wheels & tires cleaned, bug & tar removal, hand wash, spray wax, leather seat cleaned & condition.

Level 2 Detail Package

Level 1 + one step paint enhancement, chrome polish, ceramic spray sealant.

Ceramic Coating Package

Heavy prep wash, full paint correction to remove swirls & scratches, ceramic coating applied to all surfaces of the motorcycle including forks, frame, wheels, motor, and leather seat.

Fully Detailed Motorcyle
Ceramic Coated, Black Motorcyle

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Please contact us for a quote. We would love to install the best protective film on your vehicle. We know you will be pleased with the results for many years.