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Get More With Your Detailing

At Elite Auto Care, we understand that perfection isn't driven by work alone. It's cultivated by quality products. That's why we've risen to become one of the lead suppliers of superior detailing supplies in our region. As auto detailers with an eye for design, we've mastered our ability to deliver exceptional results all in a days work. Utilizing top brands such as Malco, Rupes, P&S, The Rag Company, Gtechniq, Scangrip, IK Sprayers and others, we help detailers like us achieve extraordinary outcomes with these top-of-the-line products.

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A Deeper Clean

When you bring your ride to us, you bring your vehicle to detailing professionals. In fact, we like to consider ourselves masters at the trade and for good reason. We transform even the grimiest rides into showcase pieces. From tough scratches and water stains that won't budge to cloudy headlights and windshields, we've got you. Embarrassing car interior? Caked with crumbs and the remnants of day-to-day use? You won't recognize it when we're finished. We remove seats and scour every surface with detailing services. We wipe down even the hardest to reach spots so that your vehicle looks like it just came off the car lot. That's not a promise; that's a guarantee.

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Why Choose Us?

It's not just about our work ethic or even our superior products that keep customers coming back. It's about our dedication to you. At the end of the day, your approval and experience is what matters to us. Unlike some, we're willing to listen and go the extra mile. It's with unending dedication, avid attention to detail and hard work that we transform even the dirtiest rides from grime to shine. We stay on the forefront of the latest technology and the best applications out there. So with Elite, you really see why you get the best with us.

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