Boat Detailing

Experience matters with boat detailing! Maintaining your boat’s appearance improves resale value, saves money on usage, and keeps your watercraft looking its best.

It’s hard to find time to thoroughly clean your boat regularly. The proper cleaning and care of marine vehicles take more than just basic auto detailing knowledge. Our experienced boat detailing technicians know the proper way to clean a boat and the proper chemicals to use on any surface. From yachts to sailboats to jet-skis, we have the know-how to take care of them all, inside and out.

When applying protective treatments, the quality of the application depends on how good your cleaning preparation is in advance. Since we are professional ceramic coating installers, we know what it takes to get your surfaces fully clean and prepped to get the best curing bond between the ceramic coating and the surface.

Inside and out, proper cleaning brushes and clothes are important to prevent scratching and swirling of finishes. Ceramic coatings provide an easy-to-clean surface with a long-lasting appearance. To preserve all the surfaces on your boat or jet-ski, we can install ceramic-based protectants on just about any surface.

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