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Located in the RV Capital of the world, we have our fair share of experience with any and all RVs. From basic washings to complete ceramic coatings, we are your one stop shop!

As with automobiles and trucks, we offer the same detailing service for your RV. We give your RV the complete Elite Experience, inside and out!

Recreational vehicles (RVs) always have a lot of surface area to keep clean and keep looking their best.

Washing an RV can be time-consuming, but what is more important is using the proper cleaning chemicals. You must be careful to use proper cleaning chemicals everywhere on your RV, inside and out. Using the wrong protectant can damage your materials and finishes as much as using the wrong cleaners.

Unlike cars, RV roofs are typically made out of some type of rubber like ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM). These are mostly white and are usually the dirtiest part of an RV, which is why they require special chemicals and cleaning techniques to avoid drying them out and causing cracking.

Elite Auto Care is equipped and trained to clean and detail your RV correctly. Also, we can apply a professional ceramic coating to your RV’s surfaces for the ultimate protection. A ceramic coating makes cleaning paint and other surfaces much easier, while maintaining a long-lasting, like-new appearance for years to come.

RV Packages

Level 1 Wash Package

Pre rinse, wheels & tires cleaned, hand wash, hand dry, light bug off solution on front.

Elite Wash Package

Pre Rinse, wheels & tires, bug & tar removal, hand wash, hand dry, windows cleaned, ceramic spray sealant with UV protection.

Elite Paint Correction

Pre Rinse, wheels & tires, bug & tar removal, hand wash & dry, one-step paint correction to remove swirls & light scratches, light to medium oxidation removal, water streak removal, windows cleaned, ceramic spray sealant with UV protection.

Ceramic Coating Package

Full prep & decon wash, two-step paint correction to remove swirls & heavy scratches, wheels polished, professional grade Taod 8+ year ceramic coating, exterior glass coated, wheels coated.

Add Ons

Wheel Polishing – $35
Front Face Only Ceramic Coating – $450
Class A Windshield Ceramic Coating – $200
Motorized Windshield Ceramic Coating – $75

See The Difference

The images below shows various photos of RVs that were detailed and protected with ceramic coating.

In the first image, you can see a side by side photograph showing an uncorrected partial surface next to a corrected partial surface. 

Click an image to see full size.

RV Detailing

System X MAX Ceramic Coating Information

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