Paint Correction

Paint correction is performed by removing light scratches and swirl marks by removing a micro-layer of clear coat from the surface. Paint correction can actually make your car’s finish look better than when it was new!

To start a paint correction process, the surface of your vehicle must be thoroughly cleaned and free of any contaminants. This is achieved by first washing the vehicle and then “claying” with a clay bar. A clay bar is a malleable manufactured resin compound; it is used to remove stubborn contaminants on a vehicle’s paintwork. The next step it to use different abrasive compounds to remove the imperfections in the paint. The final stage of correction is polishing, to give your paint a mirror finish. We finish off the final polishing by buffing off any remaining polish with a microfiber cloth.

After this, a professional-grade ceramic coating should be applied to the paint. We are the ceramic coating experts at Elite Auto and are excited to answer any questions you might have on which coating might be right for your ride! Start the process of your very own Elite Experience today by filling out the form below! 

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