Exterior Detailing

Exterior Detailing requires proper knowledge of paints and other exterior surfaces to avoid scratches and swirl marks. Proper cleaners and protectants must be used to avoid damaging surfaces. At Elite Auto Care, we use only elite products, for an elite experience for you and your ride, every single time! On the outside of your vehicle, we thoroughly clean your vehicle to remove most of the loose dirt and other contaminants. Then we dry the vehicle with microfiber towels. We proceed through several steps of our “Elite Process”, including our steps for your wheels, windows, headlamps, and more! We truly take your car from just “an auto” and transform it into an Elite Auto! If you request ceramic coating be applied to your vehicle’s paint, unless it is fairly new, you will need extra preparation with a one-step or two-step paint correction. Our top-of-the-line professional ceramic coating will last 8 years. Don’t wait! Fill out our form below and get started on your very own #EliteExperience!

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