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What Is Dry Ice Cleaning?

Dry ice blasting is an efficient method for eliminating tenacious dirt coats from various supporting materials. Dry ice cleaning has also demonstrated usefulness in automotive workshops and reconditioning facilities, particularly on complicated and sensitive surfaces, such as cleaning automobile upholstery, engine compartments, and classic vehicle restoration. This technology’s primary benefit is cleaning without leaving any residues, such as wastewater, chemical, or spray agent residues.

Potential Reasons To Use Dry Ice Cleaning

Dry ice cleaning is an effective method that will value your vehicle. Here are the reasons that prove the benefits of dry ice cleaning.

Clean Every Area.

Dry-ice blasting is used in a variety of applications. Dry ice blasters may be used to remove varnishes and paints, oils, grease, tar, bitumen, ink, glue, adhesives, wax, silicone and rubber residues, chewing gum, and various other filth coatings from a variety of materials. There are additional possibilities for layer-by-layer removal of old varnish from varnished surfaces. Moreover, this cleaning process has several uses for cars.

Eliminate Dust And Grime

Dry-ice blasting may be used without trouble when water is prohibited. It eliminates the risk of water-caused damage to sensitive electronics, shields components from corrosive chemicals, safeguards mechanical instruments, and eliminates tenacious encrustations without leaving any trace.

Cost Effective Way

Even operations that were previously difficult or required much time to complete may be completed with dry ice cleaning. This procedure may eliminate gum residue and grease stains and thoroughly clean dashboards and engine interiors.


Dry-ice blasting is a particle spraying technique that uses CO2 granulation as the spraying ingredient. Unlike most other blasting media, which maintain their solid state throughout the work process, the frozen CO2 sublimates into CO2 gas the second it impacts the surface. It allows for a wide variety of applications for this technology since no spray chemical residues are left behind.
No. Dry ice undergoes the “sublimation” process, which occurs when a solid material skips its liquid stage and transforms straight into a gaseous one.

As dry ice blasting is incredibly adaptable, it may be utilized in infinite applications; nevertheless, the uses listed below are the most prevalent!

Undercarriage cleaning
Cleaning and repair of mechanical components like engines, transmissions, suspension/control arms, and driving terrain components.
Elimination of such residues as oil, grease, and overspray.
Cleaning of difficult-to-reach regions or those with complex contours and crevasses

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